ADPAC is a bipartisan voice looking to support incumbents and candidates who support dentistry.


Congress introduces over 3,000 bills each year that directly affect our patients, practice, and profession. ADPAC combines resources from across the country to impact public policy to support the dental profession.


ADPAC is the voice of over 150,000 dentists speaking as one in congress.


ADPAC efforts have gone to influence legislation important to dentistry. ADPAC efforts include contributing to campaigns and educating legislators on our legislation.


ERISA, McCarran-Ferguson, Medical Device Tax, ACA Implementation, Fluoridation, Medical Liability Reform, Medicaid, and Army and Air Force Dental Corps are examples of legislation ADPAC has monitored in the past.


In 2012, the Wall Street Journal named ADPAC as the Health-Care PAC to watch.


ADPAC has helped fund successful campaigns of 3 Member Dentists: Paul Gosar (R-Arizona), Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), and Brian Babin (R-Texas).


ADPAC provides educational opportunities for dentists who are interested in running for public office at the local, state, and federal levels.