Predental Committee

Predental committee organizes an annual Pre-Dental Day and Mentorship program for pre-dental students interested in VCU’s School of Dentistry or dentistry in general.

If you are a pre-dental student and would like to know more about how to get involved in VCU ASDA or have VCU dental students talk with your pre-dental club, please contact our Pre-Dental Chair Alyssa Franklin at 

Legislative Committee

Our main goal for the Legislative Committee is to educate our students on the current issues facing us as dental students and those that may face us in our future profession. We hope that after the VCU ASDA members graduate from dental school they understand the importance of advocating for their profession and understand all of the avenues in which they may do so. To learn more about advocacy, visit and

Membership Committee

At the VCU School of Dentistry, every student is automatically enrolled as an ASDA member and therefore is both a predoctoral member of ASDA and student member of the ADA. Each student has access to all of the great membership benefits of national ASDA and local benefits through VCU ASDA, so get involved and take advantage of this!

Activities Committee

This committee is responsible for organizing many of the VCU ASDA social and professional events that take place at the School of Dentistry. From the ASDA Back to School Barbeque in the Fall to Annual Clinic and Research Day in the Spring, to new events such as the Professional Development Seminar, the Activities Committee keeps our chapter engaged and active. We welcome any ideas for events you would like to see held and encourage participation in making these events happen!

Communication Committee

The Communications Committee is primarily responsible for publishing our award-winning newsletter, The Probe.  We publish this newsletter three times per academic year, aiming to have one issue published as soon as school starts in the Fall, one before students leave for Winter Break, and one in the Spring. We also have students submit various articles for publication in National ASDA’s publications such as Mouth, ASDANews, or ASDA’s blog, Mouthing Off. This committee is also responsible for upkeep of the VCU ASDA bulletin board, running our social media, and collecting entries for our blog.

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