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Student of the Month, Karoline Seekford

Meet Karoline Seekford, a D2 from Berrysville, Virginia. Karoline has known she wanted to be a dentist since the age of 11. She is the proud owner of her orange feline Hunny Bun, enjoys training her friends at the gym and eating potatoes. But what really stands out about Karoline is her dedication to providing dental services beyond the walls of VCU. Through events and organizations such as CARITAS, Special Olympics and Medfest, she is able to do this. CARITAS is largest provider of services to the homeless community of Richmond. Karoline contributes to CARITAS by organizing dental student volunteers to perform head and neck exams. She shows compassion and empathy to each person she comes in contact with, and leaves a smile on all their faces. She inspires us to look for ways to improve the lives of others through dentistry. Thanks Karoline for all you do for the community.


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