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ASDA Benefits

ASDA members can save on good stuff like office, school supplies, and insurance and qualify for important stuff like life and disability insurance. Find out more here

ASDA Issues

Dental Student Debt

The average national dental student debt is nearing $250,000.  You've already started investing in your future, but discover what ASDA is doing to make a difference and how you can help the cause.  


There is only one thing standard for obtaining your license in the U.S: it's a bear.  See what ASDA is doing to help with licensure and the pushes it's making to encourage uniformity across America. 

Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed on March, 2010. Find out how ACA may impact dentists.  Check here for more information, which includes a video for even simpler visualization.


Dental amalgam is used on restoration for its strength and affordable price. Is dental amalgam safe to use? Find out ASDA's policy on amalgam use, so you can explain it to your patients.

Water Fluoridation

Just because you were noted as the "Top 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century" doesn't mean you still don't have critics.  Read more about the last century of surgeon general's thoughts on it and ways you can help educate your patients.

Still Thirsting for Advocacy Knowledge?

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