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Student of the Month – Ian Robinson!


Ian Robinson, D2 (Stage name: Dr. Mixdown)

Short bio:

I grew up in Roanoke, Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I went to Roanoke College, where I majored in psychology and ran on the cross country and track teams. I moved to Richmond after graduation and became interested in dentistry after doing some volunteering at the Crossover Clinic in Southside Richmond.

So I hear you’re in a band… :

I guess you could call it that. We’re really just a humble crew of guitar-playing, space-surfin’ astro-robo minstrels on an intergalactic quest to capture the music of the spheres. Click here to listen.

Biggest musical inspiration:

I love that early 1960s surf guitar sound that bands like The Ventures had going on, that super clean reverb/tremolo sound. And the atmospheric soundscapes Pink Floyd produced. I’d like to think the music I record is sort of a blend of those styles.

Please elaborate on some of your many hobbies:

When I’m not studying religiously, I’m usually found wrestling with my puppy, conducting cooking or electrical engineering experiments, or exploring the great outdoors. I try to get out on the trails whenever I can, either on foot or on my mountain bike. I’ve run five marathons and did my first 50K last February. I also love reading books when I can. My girlfriend Elizabeth has been teaching me how to face paint lately, so that has kept me busy.

What’s left on your Richmond bucket list:

One of these weekends I want to stock up on PB&Js and take a standup paddleboard down the James River with my pup to see how far we can get in a day.

Explain how to ride a unicycle in 10 words:

After you fall 3,842 times, it miraculously comes to you.

Favorite travel destination:

I studied abroad in Scotland and I’ve been trying to get back ever since. Also Switzerland! That place is unreal.

Dream vacation:

Driving through Nova Scotia in late September in a 1994 Plymouth Voyager minivan.

Favorite part about VCU SOD:

Definitely my classmates and the unique bond we all share. I also love all the little quirks of the faculty here. I think it’s interesting that so many different personality types are drawn to dentistry.

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