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Which brave new VCU dental club voluntarily subjected themselves to a dental materials lecture? Lets

What is the GDC? Well it’s the General Dentistry Club, silly! The club was started back in September of 2015 in an effort to help promote general dentistry here at VCU. I guess it can be cool to specialize, but it’s even cooler to do General Dentistry. Really, think about it! You are in complete control. You get to do the procedures you like, and can refer anything that might drive you crazy. What specialty can say that? No hate for those that specialize, I’m so glad you are there. Who else would take care of those things that I just don’t want to do?

So I had been thinking about doing some sort of residency to further prepare me for life as a General Dentist. I had no idea where to start or to whom to turn to for further information regarding AEGD and GPR programs, or if those programs would even help me reach my goals. I was lost, and I got to thinking I would have to figure this out on my own. I then realized while I’m at it, I might as well help others who may be on the same path with the same concerns. Why not start a club? That’s the most logical next step, right? So that's what I did, and like any new club, there is an expected period of growth. I was greatly encouraged by the large amount of interest that the student body showed when the club was first developed. I was honored to see that others felt there was a need and that this club could help meet those needs. The faculty that we have worked with have also been very supportive.

The thing I love most about General Dentistry is the incredible variety it affords a dentist. There are so many different areas to become proficient in. We used this to our advantage in finding some great speakers to come in and present to our club members. We have had several different program directors speak about their respective programs. We’ve also hosted a presentation on several different types of dental materials that are used outside of the school. Yes that right, we voluntarily subjected ourselves to a materials lecture, and everyone loved it! I really wanted the club to be a source of help for all students here at the school, so we have tutored the D1's and D2’s on the weekends while they are preparing for their practicals. We have also been involved in some community service projects with more to come in the future. Finally, there are a lot of good lunch and learns to come that we are really excited about.

Our club is continuing to grow thanks to the hard work of our executive board and all of you. After this first year we will be eligible for funding, which I am certain will only add to the value that our club contributes to this great school. We are always welcoming new members, and are willing to lend a hand if you are in need of anything. Each of us regardless of our career paths will have some connection with General Dentistry, so come, be a part of this super awesome club we affectionately call The GDC.

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