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Student of the Month! Christina Horton

1) Hometown and college? I grew up in Charlottesville, VA and went to William and Mary.

2) What attracts you to dentistry? I like to work with my hands, and I really like that I get to help people everyday!

3) As you are heavily involved in the special care interest group, can you discuss what draws your interest into working with individuals with special needs? In college I got involved with the Special Olympics, and I really fell in love with the special needs population. Some of my most rewarding experiences are helping out people with special needs.

4) What are your goals after graduation? I want to be a general dentist with a focus on special needs dentistry. Right now I'm looking into GPRs that focus on the special needs population. I want to have a family practice that can include everyone!

5) You are famously known in the D3 class for your study guides "the X files", what made you start sending out these heavenly creations? It all started in the D2 spring semester. One class didn't have the powerpoints posted and a lot of people hadn't taken notes, so I shared the study guide that I had made. It was a big hit, so I just kept sharing my study guides. Originally they didn't have a name, but Chezdan suggested the X-Files (For Xtina), and it took off. Our school is full of so many helpful people, the X-Files are my contribution to our community.

6) What is something interesting about you most people don't know? When I was nine my dream job was to be a bank teller.

7) What is your favorite restaurant and thing to do in Richmond and what do you do outside of school? My favorite restaurant is Bombolini - their pasta is amazing. My favorite thing to do is to walk around the Fan. I volunteer with the Richmond Young Professionals Kiwanis Club. Kiwanis is a worldwide volunteer organization that I first got involved with through Key Club in high school and Circle K in college, which are both sponsored organizations of Kiwanis. I also cook with my boyfriend and watch a lot of television.

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